Hey there.
My name is David, 27.
Passionate about visual arts,
but also a theme park enthusiast,
so you might find me exploring both.
Bachelor in Audiovisual Communication
Miguel Hernandez University
Art Direction Master Portfolio Program 
M.AD School of Ideas Madrid
Master's Degree in Education Training
(Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Language Teaching) 
International University of La Rioja

Toma Cero, Radio and TV Show.
UMH Radio
Collaboration with UMH films 
As producer, post producer and music editor.
Native Talents Agency
Digital Junior PR
Filmmaking and post-production
Working as freelance
Mabbu Agency
Junior Art Direction
Sales Assistant
Further Training
Music on the audiovisual language workshop
Photography skills course at UMH
Collaboration in the 3rd International Congress
of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising
Postproduction and digital arts
1st International workshop at UMH
Audiovisual culture workshop 
Teaching skills and competencies course